T-pipe for gate production

The T-pipe for the production of gates is an excellent option if you need to make a frame for the construction of automated gates of a sliding type. A T-shaped pipe is a great way to make a frame and sheathe it with corrugated board. T-pipe what is it? A little bit about it.

What is a T-pipe?
T-pipe entered the market relatively recently. We created it to simplify the production of gates, while not reducing their quality. The T-pipe is made of high quality metal, so that the products are strong and stable. You can use the T-pipe for the production of both gate leaves (sliding, swinging), as well as gates and fences. And the production time was reduced by almost 3 times.
Consider a few examples of frame manufacturing.
Option number 1
The frame is made from a pipe with a size of 60x40, using the welding method, the pipe is purchased at the metal base. A 30x20 pipe is welded in the middle of the welded profile in order to connect the material of the casing sash of the structure that was received.
Advantages of this method:
-low prices
-fast production
This method also has several disadvantages:
-the need to clean rusty pipes that are purchased at the metal warehouse
- the welding process takes extra time
-the need to work out joints with sealant
- there is a risk of moisture getting into the joints, and, subsequently, the appearance of rust
Option No. 2 Gate from the T-pipe
This type of pipe is a size of 60x40 and 30x20, which are rolled in one profile. In the variant using a t-shaped profile, you will receive such advantages :
- no rust, scale
- reduced welding time
- also there is no rust at the joints of the product
- no need for sealant treatment.
of galvanized steel VHH, contacting our managers.
The higher steel profile is higher and there is a small carcass waggle, which allows you to get the gates without a view of the distance.
You can change the VHH galvanized steel profile from the steelworker by turning to our managers. T-pipe can be named: T-profile, gate pipe, gate profile. To purchase, contact the Pipe Sales Department

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