Production of open and double-leaf gates

Our company produces sliding and swing double-leaf gates. The material of the products is a profiled galvanized pipe of our own production. There are two series of doors available. Premium line with horizontal filling and Premium vertical with vertical filling. The filling is carried out from a high quality galvanized profile pipe with a section of 80 * 20 * 1.0 mm.
The finished product is painted with powder paint in standard RAL colors or in a color of the customer's choice (buyer). At the request of the consumer, sliding and swing gates are equipped with automatic opening. The warranty for finished products is 10 years for construction and 5 years for paintwork. The choice of the type of gate depends on the tastes of the buyer and the possibility of installation - there is sufficient space for opening sliding gates and space for opening swing gates. The range of doors produced assumes standard sizes:
- ensuring the overlap of passages 3m; 3.5m; 4m; 4.5 m; 5 m. To close passages of other sizes, individual production is required.
- production of products of various heights is provided. The specific height of each model can be found in the product cards.
Our gates have an up-to-date modern design that meets the refined taste of the buyer and modern architectural solutions. Manufacturers often call gates with horizontal filling RANCHO, horizontal gates, panel gates, picket gates, modern Modern style, Urban or LOFT
The gate can be installed on stone or metal fence posts.