Production of open sliding and double-arm swing gates

Our company produces sliding and swing double-leaf gates. The material of the products is a profiled galvanized pipe of our own production. Sliding double-leaf gates from the manufacturer. There are two series of doors available. Premium line with horizontal filling and Premium vertical with vertical filling. The filling is carried out from a high quality galvanized profile pipe with a section of 80 * 20 * 1.0 mm. And / or 60 * 20 * 1.0. It is also possible to make a product with a "louver" type filling (from a profile pipe, which has the shape of a ROMB section)
The finished product is painted and decorated with powder paint in standard RAL colors or in a color at the customer's choice (buyer). At the request of the consumer, sliding and swing gates are equipped with automatic opening. Construction and paintwork warranty for 5 years. The choice of the type of gate depends on the tastes of the buyer and the possibility of installation - there is sufficient space for opening the gate and space for opening the swing gates. The range of products produced contains options for gates of standard sizes to provide a 3m overlap; 3.5m; 4m; 4.5 m; 5 m. To close passages of other sizes, individual production is required.
- production of products of various heights is provided. The specific height of each model can be found in the product cards. Our gates have an up-to-date modern design that meets the refined taste of the buyer and a modern architectural solution. Gates with horizontal filling are often called by manufacturers RANCHO, horizontal gates, panel gates, fence gates, modern modern style, Urban or LOFT. The gate can be installed on stone or metal fence posts.

Cost of sliding double-leaf gates
Most people are convinced that double-leaf gates are two separate sections, then the cost of manufacturing and installation will far exceed the installation of single-leaf options. But this is an erroneous belief, the sum of the areas of both parts of the gate for a certain hole is equal to the area of ​​a single-leaf structure, so the increase in the volume of material for manufacturing will be insignificant. The main difference in price is the additional automation system, but the difference will still be perceived.
The entire length of the rails of the two door sets will be the same as for the single-leaf version. And sweep it Instead of 1 powerful engine, 2 motors of lower power are installed.
If you want to buy double swing gates, you've come to the right place. In case there is no room for pushing back the gate leaves, you can consider the option of double-leaf sliding automatic gates. Our experts will be happy to advise you on the product and calculate the cost. Manufacturing consultants will answer all your questions.
You can buy sliding double-leaf gates at points of sale:
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