Galvanized Profile Pipe

Galvanized steel profile pipes can be used for manufacturing fence posts and fences, metal structures, workshop structures, garages, MAF, low-rise housing construction, sheds, etc. Galvanized (galvanized) profile pipes are protected against corrosion and have excellent appearance. Galvanized pipes are distinguished by their reliability, corrosion resistance and long service life. Galvanized steel pipes are made according to manufacturer's normative documents of certified materials (steel). The cold-rolled galvanized steel manufacturer VHH GROUP will produce galvanized steel pipes with galvanized welded joints of square, rectangular or round cross-section with wall thickness ranging from 0.7 to 3.0 mm upon your order. Manufactured products will be cut and packed according to the order into measured pieces up to 8 m long. We manufacture products of the highest quality. A certificate or product passport is issued for all products.

Types of pipes:

Pipe type Dimensions (mm)
Rectangular pipe 30х20; 40х20; 40х25; 50х25; 60х30; 60х40; 80х40; 80х60
Square tube 20х20; 25х25; 30х30; 40х40; 50х50; 60х60; 80х80
Protective anti-corrosion coating on galvanized profile pipes allows their use outdoors in conditions with aggressive atmospheric exposure.
Strength, lightness, affordable price and resistance to weathering allow the use of galvanized profile tubes in many fields, such as:
- Light and heavy industry;
- Automotive industry;
- Furniture manufacturing;
- Construction and finishing work
- Supporting structures and scaffolding;
- Advertising constructions (banners, stands, etc.);
- Creation of decorative items.
Compared with conventional pipes, galvanized pipe has a much longer service life. Thanks to the layer of iron-zinc alloy on the surface, the product is protected from corrosion and has a longer service life and operation. In practice, galvanized steel pipe serves over 25 years, and non-galvanized will last only 3-4 years.
When buying steel profile pipes, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the weld seam, as it directly affects the load that the profile can withstand, as well as the presence of zinc coating of the weld seam. Our equipment provides electric arc zinc spraying on the outer side of the weld. This is a guarantee of long-term operation of products manufactured by VHH GROUP
When buying steel profiled pipes it is important to pay attention to the quality of weld because load that the profile is able to withstand depends on this index.

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