Pipe to louvers system fence

We broke up and released a new type of profiled pipe for blinds . Tsey virib can be stuck for the door: jalousie systems of fences, parkans, hvirtoks, doors. These profiled galvanized pipes and can be fitted for rolling louvred grilles on ventilation ducts, ventilation boxes and for other purposes in industrial and municipal government. Cold-rolled steel of grade 3PS is used for the production of profiled pipes. Pipes for louvre systems are made of galvanized metal. Zovn_shn_y zvaryny seam abductions due to corrosion of zinc coatings (electric arc metalization).
Profiled galvanized pipe of this type will be tsikava for enterprises of virobniks of parkans and fences, for designers. Vyrobi from galvanized louvred pipes and may be a great term of exploitation, hopefully stolen by zinc coatings due to corrosion. On the basis of jalousie systems, which are made from sheet metal, jalousies from a profiled pipe, and may vary the characteristics of performance, durability, and vandalism. With a stagnant type of pipes for the stem of the parks, the fence is within reach of changes to the level of privacy, so as the vyrobi at the view of the jalousie will not be able to get the most out of the wrong look from the street. At the same hour, our products will be cleaned in the blinds that will secure the necessary cleaning of the territory, which will reduce the development of the roses.
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