Professional sheet galvanized

Galvanized corrugated board is made from sheet steel coils and forms a whole group of products. It is steel coated with a zinc layer that is the product for rolling the profiled sheet, the manufacture takes place so that the metal transfers mechanical processing and a layer of zinc is applied.
In Ukraine, a profiled galvanized sheet is in great demand in construction. Its increased popularity is due to high rates of operation and efficiency. If you are starting construction, you need to study the construction market or seek help from specialists. Decking in Kiev galvanized in the hands of an experienced craftsman, one of the favorite materials.
Galvanized corrugated board its scope
The profile sheet is actively used in almost all types of structures and structures. It is used in the construction of private houses, cottages, for industrial buildings, warehouses, hangars, various agricultural enterprises, the production of fences, fences, awnings, etc.
It is reasonable to use galvanized corrugated board in cases:
• The device is not removable formwork, when the foundation is poured, the work will become easier due to the use of corrugated board.
• The construction of the fence - on a temporary and permanent basis. The fence made of corrugated board is for the most part mounted around the construction site, also for its protection. High-quality corrugated board can also be used in the construction of the fence on a permanent basis, since the service life is up to 20 years
• Construction of stalls, premises for garages, various hinged structures made of zinc-coated corrugated board.
• internal, external wall lining
• Large roof construction
• During the construction process, frame monolithic manufacturing is used in the creation, replacement of overlapping plates.
Galvanized corrugated board is not allowed to be painted with standard colorful products. For durable structures, this feature must be taken into account.
Varieties of galvanized corrugated board
Wall sheeting (galvanized sheeting for fence) Sheet for covering the height of the wave from 8 to 21mm. used in vertical structures. This dimensional norm is determined by the fact that the useful sheet remains more extensive with a not significant wave of profiling, just as rigidity during the vertical assembly is not a determining parameter.
Roofing decking (galvanized roofing decking) This professional flooring is used in inclined, horizontal surfaces. A sheet with a large wave over 20 mm is required for the roof. The larger the angle of the roof, the smaller the elevation of the wave used in practice. On the contrary, with a flat roof, corrugated board with a wave over 45 mm is used, but given the level of precipitation in the area where it is installed, the structure of the roof wave can be from 75 mm high.
Support corrugated board (galvanized) Due to the fact that the profiled sheet coated with zinc has the inherent hardness of the product, also the bearing capacity of the sheet, but was used only to create overlap. But this does not include any aesthetic characteristics and corrosion resistance. To achieve this, it is necessary to use a corrugated sheet with a wave height of 75 mm.

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