Galvanized pipe fencing system

High-quality fencing combines the necessary structural strength, durability, and modern design. We have developed a product that meets these requirements. A fence, a gate gate made of a profile galvanized pipe have the following advantages:
  • increased resistance to significant loads;
  • retain their strength when exposed to mechanical damage (vandal resistance);
  • huge operational period (more than twenty years);
  • increased rigidity;
  • fire resistance;
  • ease of installation and installation;
  • long overhaul interval (no need for frequent painting, primer).
The specified characteristics determine the optimal combination of performance and price. The manufacturer's warranty for the structure is 10 years, for the paintwork 5 years. The price of products depends on the metal content of the ordered product. The fencing system made of galvanized shaped pipe significantly surpasses the performance characteristics of a product made of hot-rolled shaped pipe in terms of accuracy of geometric dimensions, strength, and absence of scale. Our products are able to withstand the negative effects of the environment for a long time, thanks to the coating of pipes with a zinc layer, which prevents corrosion.

When choosing a fencing system consisting of sections (spans) of a fence, a gate, a wicket, we suggest paying attention to the following:

  • • timeless and timeless design. Our products perfectly match the styles of minimalism, techno, modern modern, loft in architecture;
  • • the possibility of using standard products to optimize prices;
  • • the possibility of delivery by the manufacturer of products of non-standard dimensions to ensure the fence of a non-standard configuration;
  • • compliance of product strength with possible wind loads;
  • • ensuring the ventilation of the area with the selected product, sufficient insolation (if necessary). Partially translucent structures help to play up and complement stylish architectural solutions, create "intrigue" and attractiveness.
VHH-group offers to buy fencing systems consisting of: sliding and swing gates, wickets, sections (spans) of the PREMIUM and URBAN series of standard sizes or custom-made according to your design projects or sketches. Our partner managers will help you in choosing products.

You can purchase products at points of sale:

  • m. Boryspil, st. Zaporizhzhya, 26, tel. (050) 446-56-33;

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