Galvanized steel frames

This is a modern technology for the rapid construction of buildings and structures - an alternative to traditional construction. Galvanized steel frames technology has been developed to optimize and accelerate the construction process of low-rise, lightweight, pre-fabricated buildings. Some use the name LSTK (short for light steel structures). Elements of frame construction are used as independent load-bearing structures or in combination with traditional technologies: wood, metal, brick, reinforced concrete.
Construction technology based on galvanized metal profiles has been tested and is widely used in low-rise construction in Scandinavia, Finland, Germany, USA, China and Russia. This technology has proven itself in both industrial and residential construction. Ideal for MAF (small architectural forms), attics, warehouses, workshops (auto repair, furniture, etc.), residential buildings.
Advantages of construction based on galvanized steel frames (profiles):
- Full compliance in terms of volume and nomenclature of the materials used in the project.
- Possibility of self-assembly of LSTK metal structures without the involvement of third-party specialists;
- Installation of a building using frame technology at any time of the year;
- Low weight of the structure of a frame house made of galvanized profiles in comparison with traditional technologies;
- Competitive cost by reducing labor intensity and construction time, reducing requirements for the structure and strength of foundations and, as a consequence, their cost.
- High energy efficiency characteristics of buildings constructed using frame technology.
Our company guarantees:
1. Execution of works on the design of frames for light steel structures from galvanized profiles and fabrication of frames with high quality, within the agreed budget and on time.
2. Design of buildings in accordance with the terms of reference (taking into account your wishes, your sketches and / or drawings), and, if necessary, we adapt the project according to the traditional technology for frame construction using pos profiles. We use modern and exceptionally legal software for the design of frames for quickly building houses made of galvanized steel profiles, which allows us to carry out the necessary and high-quality calculations of the strength of structures and their elements made of galvanized steel - trusses, panels, etc.
3. Provision of video materials and 3D visualization of the frameworks we design from the c-profile for viewing and / or analysis on a computer or smartphone.
4. Receipt by the customer of a complete set of working drawings of the manufactured LSTK frames with numbering of each detail and instructions on the procedure for drawing up the structure of a house, modular building, MAF, from LSTK.
We make a frame profile:
Advantages of the C-profile:
- versatility with a profile for the device of wall fences, floor and ceiling slabs, rafters, the device of floor trusses;
- low metal capacity of a framework;
- long service life (the profile is galvanized and does not require additional maintenance and / or anti-corrosion treatment during construction or operation);
- сonvenience of laying engineering communications. All the necessary service holes are made in the metal structures of the frame for laying water supply, sewerage, cable sleeves, low-current networks with a diameter of up to 40 mm;
- the possibility of arranging double frames to ensure increased strength characteristics.
The idea is this. Below the text, or above the two buttons:
1. Implemented projects
2. Standard projects
List of completed projects:
Construction of a 1-storey residential house with. Moshchun Kyiv region, 130 sq.m.
Construction of an office building in Borispol, 70 sq.m.
Construction of a security post, Borispol, 5 sq.m.
The device of household MAF
The device of sales offices
List of standard projects:
Operator gas station project
Modular apartment building
Modular apartment building with garage
Rest house, guest house "Circle", 38 sq.m.
Reference: Steel galvanized profiles can be called: Z-profile, U-profile and the like. Varieties of profiles are used to compose quickly prefabricated, LSTK, easily prefabricated, lightening of buildings, structures, attic rooms, outbuildings, dryers, hangars, sheds. We can carry out and receive an order for the design and manufacture of steel frames for modular houses, residential buildings, etc. at the factory's selling price, get a high-quality and correctly calculated frame project for your house or architectural solution
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