Cold-rolled strip

We produce cold rolled and annealed strips in the following sizes:
Thickness - from 0.2 to 3.0
Width up to 400mm

Making cold rolled strips

Cold-rolled strip, the manufacture of which comes from thin strips of rolled metal which is distributed in unmeasured rolls. Perforated and decorative products are made thanks to the strip, as well as other various types of profiles. The strip is a cold-rolled steel strip or steel strip of large length, which is produced on special-purpose machines by cold rolling. In the process of creating the product, it is wound into rolls of various thicknesses. This type of strip will be changed in various industries for production:
• Reinforcing, bent construction profile;
• Various pipes, air outlets;
• Water supply systems, low tide systems;
• Tape for packaging:
• Cable wire
• Stamping products and parts
Also used is the material of the workpiece for electric welding pipes. Almost not replaceable in the manufacture of fittings. It is one of the decorative elements of the interior.
The cold-rolled metal strip has a characteristic of length and width in the range from 0.5 to 4 mm (thickness), from 20 to 1500 mm (width), these values depend on the purpose of the material. For the production of profiles, pipes, as well as other products of increased strength, thick sheets of steel are used. Wires, blanks of small products, cables are made of thin sheets.
Strip tape has the following properties:
Resistance to external factors, resistance to chemical influences, good tolerance of temperature drops, corrosion resistance. Use in bad weather conditions does not result in loss of product performance. Acting as packaging material, cold-rolled strip is a good substitute for other fundamentals. It perfectly protects the packaged product, leaves no damage, dents on it.
You can also purchase other steel products from us, for example, galvanized profile pipe 60x40

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