Fence sections / spans

Currently, metal fences / fences with horizontal arrangement of profiles. Sometimes referred to as RANCH style fences, style modern modern, urban or LOFT. Such fences can be made with different levels of closure. More translucent structures with a large pitch of profiles (lamellas) emphasize favorably architectural solution of the house and / or landscape design, provides the best ventilation of the site (very important factor in preventing unwanted moss growth and ensuring normal growth plants). Fences with smaller lamella spacing provide more privacy for indoor territory of the site.
We produce three series of fence sections:
- Premium line series with horizontal filling and framed in the form of a frame that will come additional structural strength and one-piece appearance ]
- Premium vertical series with vertical fill and frame-to-come framing additional structural strength and one-piece appearance
- URBAN Line series, lightweight construction with horizontal filling, which has the most laconic look and metal consumption
Fence sections are made of high quality galvanized steel pipe. Finished goods painted with powder enamel in standard RAL colors or in a color chosen by the customer (buyer). Fastening of the sections is ensured by using threaded connections without welding on metal or stone pillars.
Manufacturers often call the fence sections with horizontal filling: RANCHO, horizontal sections, panel fences, picket fences, modern Modern style, Urban or LOFT, modular fences.