Galvanized strip

VHH company offers galvanized strips with parameters:
Thickness - from 0.2 to 2.4
Width up to 360mm

Constantly in stock strip width (mm):
67, 72, 117, 119, 121, 305, 351, 357.
According to the order width may be 30 - 357 mm.

What is a strip?

Strip - the term took its name from the English word strip, the translation of which means "tape". The product received such a name because of its type of tape, which is a strip of metal. Galvanized tape acts as an additional material of structures and has a thickness not exceeding 4 mm. The strip galvanized is created from steel, which is distinguished by its elasticity, contain carbon no higher than 0.25% (low carbon). The plasticity property allows low-temperature deformations to affect steel without the risk of cracking, chipping, etc. Achieved thanks to the correct redistribution of overvoltages.
Features of strip production
Actually the process of creating a strip galvanized is quite simple, but in turn unique. The production process is quite an exciting action. The companies that manufacture this product are guided by the following scheme:
• galvanized steel coil is fixed or a sheet of thin steel
• a certain distance is set for the disk type of cutting and automatic feeding of steel is performed
• metal strips that are cut into strips are wound into rolls or whether they are additionally cut to the desired length of the workpiece
• аdvantage and properties of a strip coated with a ball of zinc
Advantage and properties of a strip coated with a ball of zinc The characteristics of the technical condition of the galvanized strip almost do not differ from the initial state of rolled metal:
• increased resistance to various types of corrosion, as well as electromechanical, due to the application of a layer of zinc
• increased reliability against tearing, abrasion resistance
• excellent visually, surface without roughness
The VHH group company offers to buy a strip galvanized of various parameters. Our company produces a strip that is infinitely used in the creation of teak products like ducts, packaging of various materials, as well as other products. To ensure the safe transportation of goods that must be protected from external factors, metal strips are used. You can also buy a profile galvanized pipe from the manufacturer!
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