Profile for drywall

Company VHH has a lot of machines for the production of profiles for gypsum board, namely two kinds of drywall profile: CD and UD, thickness 0.3 - 0.6 mm. The length is standard - 3 and 4 meters. The length can be adjusted at the request of customer.
For a long time basic material for construction of frames of drywall and other sheet material were wooden bars. However, use of wood is very impractical because it is subject to rotting from moisture and deformation over time.
Currently more and more often in construction of structures made of plasterboard is used special plasterboard profile. They are made of steel strip and covered with zinc that protects from corrosion. The profile for gypsum board made of galvanized steel is much stronger and more reliable than wooden structure, it has less weight and it is installed much easier.
There are two types of plasterboard profiles: CD/UD, CW/UW. The most demanded is CD/UD; production of galvanized by VHH Group is focused on them.
  • CD type profile is used as carrier element for mounting of the walls and ceilings. It is wider than UD and has additional stiffening ribs, since it is designed for main load. Dimensions of the plasterboard profile - CD 60 and 47 - dimensions: 60 and 47 mm of width of base; 27 mm height of the walls for both sizes; length 3000 - 4000 mm.
  • UD profiles for drywall always used with CD and are directing profiles. They have less stiffness and dimensions, they are not attached to the bearing walls/floors, “hang in the air” only by edges attached to bearing profile. Standard sizes UD 27 and 17, which are used in pairs with profiles CD 60 and 47, base width is 27 or 17 mm, wall height for both is 27 mm, length is also from 3000 - 4000 mm.

The wall thickness of gypsum -based profiles of particular type is the same 0.5–0.6 mm; with availability of well-designed stiffeners it doesn’t allow profile to bend under load.

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